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How to Display Artwork in the Home











Liven Up Your Living Space with Art

If you want to add luster to a dull décor, then artwork can immediately bring a room to life. However, you also need to display the images to provide just the right impact. Whether the art is a series of photographs or a fine painting, any room will look more inviting and sophisticated with the use of art.

Displaying Artwork – The Primary Elements

Artwork displays entail selecting the proper frame, mat, or backing for the art as well as choosing an ideal location. Collectors of fine art should form a pattern with their display—vertical, horizontal, or square—or, if they have one painting or print, find an associated furnishing that they can match with the print.

Artwork Does Not Have to Be Expensive

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to buy and feature art either. For instance, use black-and-white photos, hung in inexpensive frames, to grace a wall in your home, or take a collection, such as salt and pepper shakers, and house them in a glass display case in the kitchen or living room. Use frames for prints that follow the motif of the décor.. The period of the artwork should complement a room’s design scheme as well.

Use a Frame with a Glass Covering

Any painting too will be emphasized if you use the right mat. Usually, a white or ivory mat, which is about 3 ½ inches on all sides, will create the impression you want. Use glass in the frame to cover the painting or print as it resists scratches better than an acrylic material. Cleaning the glass regularly enhances the art as well.

Hanging a Display

How you display the art is determined by the size of the painting or print you want to highlight. Generally, smaller artwork looks stronger optically if it is placed within a group, especially if all the art denotes a similar style, frame, or subject. To form a composition grouping, lay out the pictures on the floor first. Allow about five inches between each of the works. When hanging the art, use a level and measure for added accuracy.

The Overall Layout

How you lay out the artwork depends on the size of the art and the height of the ceiling and furnishings. A good guide to follow is to hang the art or grouping so its center is at eye level. If you place any art above a sofa, make sure it is high enough so people don’t lean back and hit the frame or picture. If the art is featured along some stairs, the paintings or prints should be arranged in a stair-step design.

Check out this video posted below to get lighting tips for the pro’s at the Smithsonian Institute!