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Lick My Sweaty Feet, Loser

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The stage in the center of Gila River Arena had been turned into a swimming pool. A rippling, sun-dappled projection of a pool was beaming down from the ceiling, transforming the tadpole-shaped stage and walkway into a chlorinated dream. Much like Donna Summer, Drake works hard for the money. Throughout the first half of his set, he would race from one end of the stage to another like he was running an invisible basketball across the court.
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Buying sweaty socks and sniffing sports bras: Inside the sweat fetish community | Metro News

Join this Interest Group. More humiliation if it's on your face or head. Please log in to view gallery photos. Yeah has to happen.
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Buying sweaty socks and sniffing sports bras: Inside the sweat fetish community

The closest options are olfactophilia or osmophilia, which are fetishes for odours emanating from the body, maschalagnia, a fetish for armpits, or salophilia, which is finding pleasure and arousal in salty things. Pornhub tells Metro. On Instagram, the sweat tag has more than 11 million posts — a mix of workout videos and fitspiration with sexualised selfies and adverts for sweat-drenched socks. Over on Twitter people jump on the sweatfetish tag to find buyers for sports bras and old trainers.
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This usually involves stripping, walking the streets, or taking it up the ass on video. Luckily for me I am pretty much a genius and have discovered a way to extract money from degenerate perverts with minimal degradation on my part. You see, at the tender age of 17 I was randomly messaged online by a lonely pee drinker who had taken quite a liking to me after seeing my picture on facethejury. He would annoy me every day with questions about what kind of pantyhose I wear, how often I wear them, have I ever peed on a guy, would I please, please meet him and make him my human toilet, and so on. I made no effort to be nice to him in the least but that only made him want to talk to me more.
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