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Snake sheds it's skin in a ritual representing rebirth and new beginnings. Make it a snake Game, generate a snake path where the cells get eaten in an orderly fashion. Snake scores the winning point at the end of the game. A snake that created an O-shape after its tail wound its way deep into its own mouth has been filmed being released from its odd ordeal. Video to GIF.
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Therapists Explain How Cartoons Affect Your Mental Health

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In the spring of , my life seemed bleak. Shuttered in at home, I spent most of my time in bed, eating delivery and watching Penguins of Madagascar , a Nickelodeon children's cartoon about a team of James Bond—like penguins who run the Central Park Zoo. Watching it provided a momentary distraction from my depression. While discussing that period of darkness with my now partner, I admitted that I often watch cartoons meant for children as a method of self-care. The coincidence struck me. Undoubtedly, I needed therapy during that period of my life, but instead I self-medicated with cartoons, as did my partner.
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A character who is under the influence of hypnotism or mind control will show this influence in his or her eyes with a visual change. This is mostly for the benefit of the audience. While people around the character may note they're "acting a little funny," usually nobody In-Universe ever notices the change. In live-action and some forms of animation, the standard signal for mind control or possession is totally black or totally white eyes. In many Western cartoons and comics, hypnosis is represented by the eyes appearing as swirling spirals or concentric circles.
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Elon Musk took a pot shot at Bill Gates and the Zune mp3 player when he tweeted an anti-vax meme poking fun at the Microsoft founder early Saturday morning — only to delete the tweet hours later. Musk posted an edited image of a cartoon by right-wing cartoonist Ben Garrison to Twitter that depicted Gates presiding over a nefarious "Mandatory Vaccine Rollout" plan, according to Insider. The last step of that plan — after instilling fear and censoring information — is relaunching the Zune. He followed that up with, "This is actually happening.
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