Aunt Foot Lick

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Feet don't look 57 though haha. I fucked her hard but passionately as I had the big toe from each foot in my mouth sucking on the sweet nectar. I took her foot in my hand and moved it to my mouth. Well, anyway, my aunt must have figured that I liked hers since she suddenly began to bend her leg. She loved forcing her heels into my sucking mouth, only to snatch them out of my clinging lips.
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Beautiful Mature Mistress Feet Worship

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How My Aunt Started My Foot Fetish - Porn story

Ever since I can remember I've been addicted to feet, I can't cum without feet being involved in some way or another and this is the story of how my liking of feet became an obsession. I can't remember not being into feet but I remember when feet started to become such a part of my life. I've always fancied women's bare soles, arches, heels and especially toes but one day when we were leaving my aunts house I was waiting for my mum to finish talking to her at the door and I looked down to see the tops of her bare feet. I'd never even seen my aunts feet bare before but I'm so glad I did that day as it began years of wanking delight. They looked so beautiful even from the top, they were different from the ones I had spotted in school as these feet had experience and were more mature. My youthful eyes couldn't resist looking longingly suddenly wishing for the conversation I wanted to end seconds ago between my aunt and my mum to last forever and for my Aunty to allow me to see the underside of what looked like a staggering pair of feet. I walked in and out of the house to try and get more of a view but only got a slight peek of the top side of her toes and a bit of her heel which gave me an instant bonner, it was so nice, she was in her late 30's and they looked so amazing, every line of her feet ageing looked perfect.
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Aunt foot lick

My uncle recently got married and his new wife is beautiful and her feet are just as beautiful. The wedding was great, she was wearing some amazing looking high heels and I was staring at her feet for most of the night. She is a size 4, has very nice soles and her feet are always well looked after. I remember one occasion when she was hosting a family dinner, she invited us round early to help prepare the food etc. She asked me if I would help her set the table which I agreed and we got chatting about general stuff, she looked tired because she had been getting things ready for the past few hours and she joked and said shall we just sit down for a few minutes and let the rest of them do the work in the kitchen which I agreed.
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Hot girl gets her feet licked. Hotire getting her toes and feet licked. High heeled feet licked.
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