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Seek All Countries. All Germany. All Countries. Find gay people in Germany change country. Even though a lot of the information is about normal events and gatherings, a popular gay guide to Kassel District also includes an introduction to the area for new and prospective residents detailing what to count on.
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Gay guide to Kassel District - Germany - Menspaces

An organisation that uses architectural evidence in cases of war crimes or other human rights abuses is making itself enemies in high places. I n a man walked into an internet cafe in Kassel, Germany, and shot dead Halit Yozgat , a year-old member of the Turkish-German family who owned it. It was the ninth in a series of racist killings by neo-Nazis, the motivation for which the police persistently refused to admit. He took part in a police video reconstruction in which he is seen placing his payment for his internet access on the reception table, unaware of the corpse on the floor behind it. Through creating a full-scale mock-up of the cafe interior, and analysing the sound of the two shots loud enough, even with a silencer , the dispersal of their smoke and the sightlines of the agent — a tall man — as he put money on the table behind which the young victim was sprawled, it was demonstrated that Temme could not possibly have failed to hear, smell and see the crime.
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Has anyone perfected the art of the first date? Just wondering, because it sure as heck ends up more awkward than not. Big same. Cohen, PhD , relationship scientist and coach.
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Reconstructed in wire and plastic and prominently situated on the Friederichsplaz just in front of the Fridericianum museum, it provided an armature on which to display books that have been banned worldwide. Yet the intervention also dramatised the generally vague way Athens was invoked and made to signify in documenta 14 at large. Rather than learning from Mosul or Moscow or Caracas — other prospective locations of contemporary crisis that could also have provided worthy lessons for current politics and culture — documenta organisers chose Athens, one suspects, because the city has emerged during the last few years as a flashpoint providing insights on the withering state of democracy in the face of our most recent stage of capitalist authoritarianism, no doubt an epoch-changing transition defining our present. For is that not one important lesson of ancient Athens, the Greek city-state where democracy provided not only a novel structure for representative governance albeit for the few , but also defined an efficient operating system for the entrenched practice of patriarchy, slavery, classism and military expansionism? With that reversal, the Greek alternative faltered and democracy was revealed as a farce.
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