Fun With A Butt Plug, Plus Some Anal

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How to Use a Butt Plug to Stimulate a Woman's A-Spot During Sex

The first thing to remember about putting ANYTHING up your butt is that you CAN lose it up your rectal canal, so it's absolutely essential to only use toys that are specifically designed for anal play! Your rectal canal is quite long and there are basically 2 sphincters one external and one internal. If you place an object in and it goes past the second sphincter, it may travel up your anal canal and you will not be able to retrieve it without medical assistance. This is why anal toys will have a special, flared bottom or retrieval mechanism that will ensure you do not lose your toy! So play safe and there will be no worries! We are talking about butt plugs here, so if you have a vagina you would absolutely not put one in there.
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If You're Curious About Butt Plugs, Experts Have Some Tips For You

Both the Fella and I have butts that are accustomed to anal play. But, we both go through stages where we want the opposite of what we usually crave. And graduated sets like this one are fab to have on hand for that exact reason. Kits like this are perfect for those new to anal play, and those who want to train their butt to accommodate larger things, like a penis, for example. All three plugs are made from smooth, seamless silicone, the large and small in black, and the medium in a lovely shade of red.
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This is one of the more common questions about anal that we hear, even from experienced sex toy users and anal sex enthusiasts! The most important feature of butt toys is a flared base, also known as a phalange. Unlike the vagina, which you can think of as a big U-turn thanks cervix! Toys can easily get sucked into and lost up your booty, leading to a painful and potentially serious trip to the ER. This list includes variety so that you can find what works for you.
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