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People now recognize that some women just need much more stimulation to climax. In the previous article , I showed you four rules to follow if you want to make it easier for a man to climax. As a sex therapist, if you want to be able to help men who have trouble ejaculating, you need to to get comfortable asking them how they masturbate. Men who have trouble ejaculating tend to masturbate in particular ways. The details can vary. Many men who have trouble ejaculating tend to move their hand very rapidly when they masturbate.
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Premature Ejaculation - Causes and Treatment |

Coming too soon is: coming within 1 minute of having penetrative sex or coming as soon as the penis is touched. That is not true. Most men come within 3 minutes of having penetrative sex. When you get older, it can take a bit longer. Do you recognise that moment when you're about to come, and you can't hold it back any longer? That's called the moment of no return. This moment is 2 to 3 seconds before your orgasm.
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Premature Ejaculation

If you worry it takes you too long to have an orgasm, stop it this instant! You take exactly the right amount of time. But if it still sometimes takes longer than you'd like to climax, there could be some stuff happening.
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Men aren't the only ones who might find themselves peaking too early in the sack. According to a new study, a small percentage of women also experience premature orgasm. The research, a survey of Portuguese women, found that 40 percent occasionally came to orgasm faster than they intended during sex.
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