Rubbing One Out After A Long Day

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From lowered anxiety and better sleep quality to heightened sexual pleasure and beyond, the many benefits of masturbating a person stands to receive from feeling themselves are highly personalized. To that end, it makes sense if you don't need any additional convincing to make use of the new vibrator you just bought. But, since there's a good chance you're stuck inside while sheltering in place, why not take solace in knowing that the perks of pleasuring yourself extend far beyond your immediate orgasm. Below, learn seven science-backed, expert-confirmed health benefits of masturbating.
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Go ahead, touch yourself: eight things to know for masturbation month

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We tried masturbating at work for a week and this is what happened | Metro News

I'm not afraid to admit that I already partake in healthy solo seshes pretty frequently , so when presented with the opportunity to up my masturbation quota, I gladly took the challenge. Party time, y'all! Seven days later, I was singing a different tune. It turns out this was a pretty difficult assignment. Time, anxiety, and life. As a result, just like for many women, orgasms often wind up taking a backseat to my other obligations.
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7 Health Benefits of Masturbating That Prove You Should Be Feeling Yourself All. The. Time.

Adults who are years old are the most likely to have masturbated at least once in their lives — but those numbers do not necessarily tell the whole story. How long should it last? Who masturbates more — men or women? There is a wealth of data available on how and why we touch ourselves.
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If I have some spare time and want to relax, I usually spend it watching Netflix or doing a face mask. I like it on occasion, but I can happily do without. But when some science-y types recommended masturbation breaks at work — as in wanking in the office during work hours — as a way to improve focus and be a happier, better employee, I was intrigued. Maybe I was missing out on all the benefits masturbation could bring. Maybe a quick self-love sesh in the toilets could make me more creative, more efficient, and less full of despair and lethargy.
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