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Our earliest memory can shape our lives, but new research suggests that many are false. Here, writers and readers reflect on their earliest recollections. I t starts as a dreamy state of dizzying vertigo, and then I rattle, headfirst, down the wooden stairs. Falling down the white-painted I think , definitely uncarpeted stairs of our first house is my first memory, and I must have been around two.
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Sunflowers and Santa Claus: Guardian writers and readers on how their first memory changed them

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When My Child Was Afraid of Santa

Abu Dhabi: One of the enduring aspects of celebrating Christmas, for children particularly, is the joy of anticipating gifts from Santa Claus. Yet come the end of the year, the long-standing debate prompted by psychological experts rears its head — should children be fed myths only for them to realise later on that what they had so fervently believed in is actually non-existent? Youlten believes that the extra stress on parents and children to debunk the myth of Santa is unnecessary. There is no harm in telling children that Santa will bring them gifts. Charlotte Youlten, 25, recollects her Christmases.
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A film from the producers of the first three Superman movies and the director of Supergirl , starring Dudley Moore as one of Santa's elves and John Lithgow as a Corrupt Corporate Executive who seeks to commercialize Santa's Christmas magic. David Huddleston plays Santa, but doesn't get above-the-title billing despite playing the title character. The film's first act presents an origin story for Santa and proceeds to follow the growth of his legend over the centuries. The remainder of the film takes place in the then- Present Day.
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Although most of the talk is about fairways and drives, the pair often discuss their childhood and home life. And she explained how as a child she was convinced Santa was arriving every Christmas - with co-host Amanda stunned by the revelation. Paige said: "I fully believed my parents that Santa existed until I was about fifteen.
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